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Hi,I'm Helen
I'm a busy mum of 2 and I get that life, work, friends and chores take over!

sometimes a ready-meal just seems like the quickest, easiest option. I’m here to give you ideas and make small but significant changes to your diet and lifestyle, that work for you, that are easy to implement, and that will make a big difference to your health, energy and weight.

The real life nutritionist

A title given to me by a client who was amazed that a nutritionist wasn’t trying to get them juicing kale and making their own bean sprouts from mung beans and could still, well, eat!  As if!   


I am an expert in helping my clients to achieve lasting weight-loss, balance hormones, manage stress, get their love of life back but with a realistic and supportive backdrop. I am mum to twins, affectionately known as the Gruesome Twosome, although to be honest they are more like terrorists holding us to ransom. Like many Nutritionists, I became a Nutritionist because of my own personal health issues. 


At the age of 30ish, and after a lifetime of painful and debilitating periods, I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis.  Fast forward a year or two and my experience of the surgery and the meds made me decide there had to be another way.  I saw a nutritionist, never looked back, and the rest is history.

Life is busy, and it can be so stressful! 

I had found my vocation. My life has been punctuated by episodes totally ruled by hormones. Following the endo, I had fertility issues, and throughout my life, stress. I worked in the corporate world as a head of marketing in a deadline-driven, stressful environment. It took it’s toll. Then pre- and menopausal symptoms. I know first-hand how the right food and nutrition support can make a real difference to your health and wellbeing. Life is busy, and can be stressful.

I love what i do...

We feel stressed about what we have to do, work, kids, we feel guilty and stressed that we haven’t spent enough time with our children, with our friends, with our partners, parents…. Haven’t had the energy to cook a proper meal, no time to shop. 


Does this sound like your life?  Probably, because an awful lot of people share the same view of their life. This was my life too.  Aaaargh.  So much stress. Then I discovered health coaching.  And my world changed.  I now combine coaching and nutrition to help people lose weight, manage stress, improve their sleep, balance their hormones. They are all interlinked. 

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I love what I do! I LOVE being able to help my clients achieve amazing and lasting results and experience incredible game changing breakthroughs that makes a huge difference to not just their lives but those around them.  It gives me goosebumps every single day and I feel so privileged to be part of their transformation.  To find out more about working with me, please use the link below to book a complimentary call with me.  

Get started...
Work with me or start at home!

I gently guide you through the entire process, with a  mix of nutrition know-how, calm coaching, and zero-stress. I work with women just like you, who nearly always NEVER make yourself a priority. It’s time to put your own oxygen mask on first and transform your health.

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What my clients say

Helen is so inspirational, motivated and positive. From the first day I knew I had an awesome coach who would stick with me and motivate me till the end and when I feel I wanna give up, I just repeat Helen's words "GO Gina. By doing this healthy lifestyle eating I have so much more energy, I am mentally more stronger and can say no to unhealthy stuff. Helen's program is definitely worthwhile. You don't feel hungry at all. Thanks for your efforts, you have helped me to become the best version of myself.

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Ditch the diet and take back control of your weight, health & life for good!

I’m a busy mum of 2, and I get that life, work, friends, family, chores all take over, and sometimes a ready-meal just seems 

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Join my wellness club for just £25 per month, and benefit from my knowledge and the support from a community of people who are just like you, and so much more...

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