Welcome to the 1 week gentle detox! 


The gentle detox quick-start guide and includes: 

  • Your 10 page detox tips and tricks book
  • 1 week Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Evening Snack & Dinner Plan
  • Your 18 page recipe book
  • Your health score quiz
  • Your Energy score quiz 
  • Your detox potential quiz


Why Detox?

Get rid of toxins! - A toxin is any substance that creates irritation and / or harmful effects in

the body, undermining our health or stressing our biochemical or organ functions. There are so many toxins in food sources: pesticides, plasticizers, additives both in food and products, hormones in intensive farmed meats, etc. Within our bodies, we have to 'deal' with these substances for which we weren't designed.


Who needs to detox?

If you have fatigue, bloating, excess weight, feel low, skin conditions, PMT, bad breath, etc.


The Benefits of Detoxing: 

More energy 

Clearer mind

You're more alert

Less Bloated

Fewer headaches

Less dark circles under your eyes

Improved skin

Fewer infections

Reduced PMT

Fewer Menopausal symptoms

Fewer aches & pains

Better Digestion


Detox & Weightloss

When the liver is overloaded, as it commonly is with the modern diet, it cannot successfully eliminate everything we are subjected to both internally and externally. Anything that cannot be eliminated and excreted is locked up safely in the fat stores. Think toxic dump!


1 Week Gentle Detox Plan