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This pack includes: 

  • Your 70 page recipe book
  • Your shopping list 


What is hormone balancing?

Get rid of toxins! - A toxin is any substance that creates irritation and / or harmful effects in

the body, undermining our health or stressing our biochemical or organ functions. There are so many toxins in food sources: pesticides, plasticizers, additives both in food and products, 


Why balance your hormones?

If you have fatigue, bloating, excess weight, feel low, skin conditions, PMT, bad breath, etc.


The Benefits hormone balancing: 

More energy 

Clearer mind

You're more alert

Less Bloated

Fewer headaches

Less dark circles under your eyes

Improved skin

Fewer infections

Reduced PMT

Fewer Menopausal symptoms

Fewer aches & pains

Better Digestion

30 Day Go Veggie Challenge