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What my clients say

"Before I did the nutrional programme with Helen, things were bad, really bad.  My health was going down fast, overweight, tired, no energy and eating all the wrong things all the time.  But since doing a nutritionally based lifestyle things have improved drastically.  26 Kg’s down, more energy than before, positive mental thoughts and much more improved eating.  Short term goals were set and met, and constantly adjusting the vision of what I want to achieve and see.  The way Helen works with me is always positive and the outcome affects my daily life, not just for me but my family too.  I would highly recommend Helen to anyone who is struggling with their weight, lifestyle choices and a lack of vision as to how they want to see themselves.  Making this decision to be guru’d (because Helen is a guru) by Helen was the most positive one I’ve ever made in my life (besides having my kids with my wife).  Do it, Helen can make those changes you want a reality."


Before I started my programme with Helen, I was overweight and didn’t have any self-esteem. I didn’t  think a lot of myself.  At first I was sceptical, because I had been on so many diets and pills. I thought it was just another diet scheme, but I was wrong!


All the support I received from Helen was awesome.  I couldn’t  wait for the next session.  As a result I I have achieved self-confidence; I realised that everything negative in my life was not my fault. I have had to jump over many hurdles before I found myself.  After 8 weeks, I have lost nearly 15kg and I’m still on the road to losing some more.  I started jogging and it feels so good.  I have much more energy now than I did before.  I recommend Helen’s programmes .  Her warm personality and love for people is a great bonus.  She cares about her clients and always has a way to help you find your own answers if you are stuck with something.

"I have been struggling with weight since I can remember and have been on every weight loss product, pill and injection on the market. The year 2019 started with me weighing a depressing 104.4kg, feeling lethargic, weak and having severe headaches. I was then diagnosed with hypertension. Fortunately, this was the point where Helen Joubert came into my life, this would be the very first time that I embarked on a programme without using any substances to control my appetite. We uncovered deep rooted causes to my ongoing weight loss struggles and have made remarkable breakthroughs week after week. We would set weekly goals and she would hold me accountable towards achieving them, which led me to stick to my commitments and experience the reward of completing it; this then fuelled me to achieve more and more.


Helen has also taught me how to best deal with challenging situations and circumstances which would have derailed me completely in the past. She is extremely knowledgeable not only in her field of nutritional coaching, but also on many other subjects, therefore I see her as much more than a nutritionist and health coach, but actually as a life coach. She has instilled a strong sense of awareness within me and I have learnt so much from her.


I feel well equipped with all the tools  I need to sustain and maintain this new found lifestyle. I have lost more than 10kgs since I started this journey with her, had normal blood pressure one week into the plan and have not felt hungry for one day whilst following the plan. The absolute best of all is that I have learnt to love and take better care of myself, I feel on top of the world! I would recommend Helen to anyone that wants quality coaching in order to improve their health and overall wellbeing. She is very professional during her sessions, yet she makes you feel very comfortable and at ease with her good sense of humour.  Thank you Helen, you are a remarkable coach and influencer, you have changed my life for the better."


"Helen is so inspirational, motivated and positive. From the first day I knew I had an awesome coach who would stick with me and motivate me till the end and when I feel I wanna give up, I just repeat Helen's words "GO Gina".

By doing this healthy lifestyle eating I have so much more energy, I am mentally more stronger and can say no to unhealthy stuff. Helen's program is definitely worthwhile. You don't feel hungry at all. Thanks for your efforts, you have helped me to become the best version of myself."

"When I came to Helen, I was sitting in my bedroom each night, eating food. I had been putting off losing weight and I had put my health totally on the back burner. Because of this I put so much weight on,  to the point where I could not look in the mirror any more. Over these last twelve weeks of Helen coaching me I got so much more than just coaching to lose weight.


Helen helped me to uncover things about myself that I had forgotten and discovered new things about myself that has changed my life forever. Helen’s coaching has sent me in a new direction in life and it turns out losing the weight was just a bonus as Helen concentrates on your mind as well as your body. I’m still shocked about the things I have uncovered about myself because of Helen. She’s truly amazing and I owe her everything. She has given me the tools to lose weight and to keep the weight off for the rest of my life. You just can’t get that from any diet. She is truly an inspiration, she has changed my life for the better."


" I was hesitant at first but Helen made me feel comfortable from our first session. I could freely discuss any thoughts or fears I had throughout the process.

I would like to thank Helen for the impact she has had on my life as well as the positive changes not only for myself but my husband and toddler as well. This has been probably the most soul searching I have done in ten years. The information that was provided to me was not only a complete change of perspective but also the way I have always thought of nutrition has done a 360 thanks to Helen."

"I signed up for a 10 week Platinum package with Helen after we had an initial discussion about my health and food lifestyle challenges. This proved to be the best one for me with my needs and involved a very detailed first consultation, understanding where my difficulties lay, analysing my food diaries (scary!) and loads and loads of incredible motivational support via call sessions and regular whatsapp check-ins!


There were days when Helen was strict (but very necessary) and others when she totally realised I needed a virtual hug and enabled me to push the restart button with no guilt. She has an abundance of nutritional knowledge, happy to tackle specific areas for you, and is a beacon of strength always. Blood sugar balancing was a big thing for me specifically and there were so many tips and ideas Helen was able to share and pass on. It resulted in a positive impact on my blood sugar levels too which my GP was delighted with!


It made me feel back in control of what I was putting in my body and why I was doing it.  It was really empowering.  


It's always hard justifying spending money on yourself but I can honestly say it was worth every penny and has broadened my knowledge on my health and food choices in a big way. Just do it!”


"I can highly recommend Helen Joubert Nutrition and thanks to Helen, I have changed my eating habits for life. I lost 10kgs within a few months and it wasn’t even that difficult! Over a year later and I have managed to maintain my weight loss give or take a kilo but it is easy to get back on track because now I know how. Thank you Helen, I couldn’t have done it without you! Oh and I can still have a drink when I want to"

"Helen and I discussed my 11 year old daughters high cholesterol levels and insulin resistance problems. After our first chat, I knew that she was amazing and she would be able to help.
Helen explains and teaches in such a lovely, kind, kid-friendly way. My daughter has taken Helens advice and she knows what foods cause her to feel good and what doesn't. She is becoming very aware of the things she should avoid by receiving a very good and honest food education.
Helen has an amazing way with children! I can't reccommend her enough, she's got us all on the right path now."

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