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Sugar Free 
We all know sugar is the source of many evils.. join my challenge and quit with us in just 7 days!
What's this all about? 

Join a group of us for FREE for 7 days online, you'll get access to my private facebook group, with fellow sugar quitters cheering each other on day by day, along side that, everyday you'll get top tips, recipes, snack swaps and so much more to keep you on track!

Starts Monday October 10th

You think you 
already avoid sugar?

The diet industry is out for your liver... It's so hard to eat healthy, when everywhere you turn food is being RAM PACKED full of sugar... those sneaky products like "Good bacteria" yoghurts, "Low fat" bars, white bread, ketchup, granola.. the list goes on... aren't these supposed to be GOOD FOR YOU? 

Every 1 tablespoon of ketchup is 1 sugar cube, and with these "innocents" cramming in the sweet stuff, how can we trust the rest? Sugar Free Challenge is how... family friendly and free and easy, I'll show you how to kick that sugar to the kerb for good.

Image by Erik Mclean
Hold on...
why is sugar so bad?

"Sugars bad for you".. so why? Well, it spikes your blood sugar, giving you energy crashes and spikes and preventing you from loosing weight... it's linked to Alzheimers, can lead to heart disease, plays havoc with cholesterol, linked to acne, increases your risk of cancer and diabetes 2, increases the risk of depression and fatty liver... and all these dreadful issues come with their own awful symptoms that you'd have to battle.

Join me on the
Sugar Free 
The process

When you sign up, you'll get a welcome email, asking you to log into my website and start your journey to sugar freedom with the group on October 10th. You'll get instant access to my private facebook group in preparation for your 7 day sugarless week and all the goodies to help you get ready! When October 10th rolls around, I'll be welcoming everyone, on a Facebook live, which will be recorded and posted in our private group incase you can't make it live... so what you waiting for! 

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Private Facebook Group

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10 Page "Break Free" Ebook

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Daily tips from a Nutritionist


Easy food swaps to help you

Previous group members say...

Helen is so inspirational, motivated and positive. From the first day I knew I had an awesome coach who would stick with me and motivate me till the end and when I feel I wanna give up, I just repeat Helen's words "GO Gina. By doing this healthy lifestyle eating I have so much more energy.

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